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Skill Competencies


Familiarity with the following assessments/Screening tools:


Screening tools:

Beck Depression Inventory

Sickness Impact Profile

Denver Development Screening Tool



Functional Independence Measure (FIM)

Klein-Bell ADL

Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory (PEDI)

WeeFIM Functional Independence Measure for Children


Caregiver Assessments:

Parenting Stress Index

Family Environmental Scale

Family Inventory of Resources Management (FIRM)


Cognitive Assessments:

Short Blessed

 Kitchen Task Assessment (KTA)


Pediatric Assessments:

Bayley Scales of Infant Development

Bruininks Oseretsky Test Motor Proficiency

Miller Assessment of Preschoolers

Peabody Developmental Motor Scales


Work/Vocation Assessments:

Hand Function Sort

Becker Work Adjustment Profile

Self Directed Search

Career Assessment Inventory

 Work Environment Scale


Adult Functional Assessment:


 Tennessee Self Concept Scale



Canadian Occupation Performance Measure (COPM)

Short Form 36 (SF- 36)

Occupational Performance History Interview (OPHI-II)

Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Evaluation (COTE)

Activity Card Sort (ACS)

Intervention Skills

Basic Splinting

Goaling Process


Assessment Skills

Active and Passive Range of Motion

Group/Specific Manual Muscle Tests


Fitness Tests

Muscle Tone Testing

Posture Analysis

Task/Activity Analysis


Computer Skills

Microsoft Word




Adobe Reader 6.0

Microsoft Front Page
Sales Manager for 10 years prior to Grad. school
Full Time Student



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It's just the little "heart gifts" that money cannot measure...
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